Vanity Phone Numbers: Building Your Brand Identity

Vanity Phone NumbersBuilding brands means giving people/customers something to remember and recall as a means of building associations. And, so having a vanity toll free phone number can give an edge to your business, whether small or big. Not only do these 800 phone numbers make it easier for prospective clients to contact you when needed, but since they are free to use and can be easily recalled, they attract a larger audience to get in touch with you and learn about your offerings. When more and more customers start associating your brand with a vanity phone number, you know that greater awareness is being created. A larger number to people can actually make referrals to friends and family with the use of vanity phone numbers, which are easy to remember. So, you know that brand building is being promoted dually, one by word of mouth and second by getting more queries.
  • The 800 vanity numbers, including 888, 877, 866 and 855 are toll free exchanges and all customers use one single number to call/get in touch with you.
  • When using the 1800 vanity number, customers pay nothing. This is the biggest attraction for anyone who's like to thoroughly enquire about your offerings.
  • An easy to remember vanity number detracts more customers from your competitors. A vanity number can easily be carried in the memory without having to note it down. Further it is easy recall value, which makes it even more users friendly.
  • Finally the 800 phone numbers can be routed and even when your company relocates, the number moves with you. So, you need to worry about its long term implications, the number stays with you where ever you go.


Effective Marketing Advantages

Vanity Phone Numbers

Effective marketing results in bringing more customers to the table. It means first you need to attract their attention and second deliver them what is expected. And, while most businesses can deliver what they promise, grabbing the attention of customers, when so many similar competitors are in line, can be difficult.


Advertising may help customers create an impression about your company, but delivering personal satisfaction before the customer comes to you can be difficult. This is where vanity toll free phone numbers come handy. Their ease of recall and the fact that these are free to use, makes them lucrative for customers to take advantage and get in touch with you to enquire about your offerings.


Apart from the immediate easy recall value of these 800 vanity numbers, what they also bring along is a greater number of incremental calls, leads, inquiries, referrals through word of mouth. The use of these vanity numbers becomes the first step toward building a relation with your brand.


People can simply call at the vanity phone numbers sitting from anywhere and enquire about the products and services they'd like to buy from you. Also, prospects could get in touch with your company for proposals, bulk orders, and much more.


So, we can say that these easy to remember 800 phone numbers are in fact the first point in contact that customers will have with you. All this when clubbed with the correct offerings, definitely leads to more sales and more revenue.

Your company can now reap maximum benefits in terms of customer attraction with the minimum investment in applying for an 800 phone number.


So, without delay get in touch with 1800 Phone Star, fill the quote form on the website and get your company a toll free vanity number today!

  • Increase Brand Recognition and Generate Leads with Vanity Numbers

    When you start a business, the primary motive you set for yourself is to create a market for your product and strive to build a brand for the same. Making a market for your product and building a brand name both go hand in hand and gaining customer attention is the best way to do so.

    Brand building isn't only about quality of goods and services you deliver, but is also about giving your customers something to remember and recall in order to build association. Considering a vanity toll free number for your business (small or big) gives you an edge in brand building.

    Get a 800 Number for Your Business | Vanity Phone Numbers

    A vanity number not only helps your business sound more professional but it also makes it a lot easier for the prospective clients to contact you as and when needed. These 800 phone numbers are easy to remember, therefore they're great for organizations that do business over the phone or for those that spend endless hours and money on display advertising. Being free to use and easy to recall, vanity phone numbers attract a large number of audience to get in touch with your business to learn about the offerings.

    Relying on prospective customers to remember the meaningless 10 digit phone number they see on the billboards or other modes of advertising is pretty unrealistic. However, expecting the customers to remember something like 1-800-FLOWERS they see in an advertisement still seems more realistic and encouraging.

    As more and more people/customer being to start associating a vanity number with your brand, you can be sure that greater awareness is being created amid the customers. Large number of customer make referrals of your vanity number to friends and family and with more incoming queries and word of mouth, rest assured you're brand is building day by day – and all thanks to the easy to remember and free to call vanity phone number.

    Vanity Numbers for Building Your Brand Identity

    Vanity phone numbers are easy tool for increasing brand recognition amidst customers. 800 vanity numbers are a common site with business houses that use vanity phone numbers to increase instant brand recognition and rate of response from their advertising. The increase in incremental calls, leads and inquiries regarding the product and service courtesy vanity numbers is what makes them really effective tool in brand building.

    Available 800 Vanity Numbers

    Vanity numbers including 800 888, 877, 866 and 855 are toll free exchange, customers use single number to call and get in touch with you. Vanity phone numbers or alpha numeric phone numbers let business include their name in the phone number (which allows the customers to recognize your brand name) and increase the response rate of advertising.

    Vanity Toll Free Numbers – More Customer Response Likely

    Vanity phone numbers alone increase direct response rate from a business' advertising by about 30-60% (in contrast to radio, print, television and display advertising)Vanity phone numbers are a meaningful combination of alpha-numeric numbers which is better and easier to remember than random 10 digit helpline phone numbers.

    Easy to remember vanity phone numbers are toll free numbers, customer doesn't have to pay any charge for calling vanity number. This makes vanity phone numbers achieve more response and feedback from prospective consumers.The vanity phone numbers are easy for consumers to memorize, this makes the numbers more user friendly.

    Vanity phone numbers clubbed with the quality offerings definitely lead to more sales and better brand recognition. So, why don't you give your business a chance to relish?

    Get in touch with 1800PhoneStar at 1-855-PHONESTAR without any delay, fill the quote from and get your business a toll free vanity number today!

During First Year, 855 Huge Success

Posted on September 12, 2011 by smsgov
With the first anniversary of the new 855 area code toll free telephone numbers just weeks away, we can all agree the release of 855 was a resounding success. 855 numbers are more popular every day–at large corporations, small businesses and for personal use. Nobody could have predicted quite how popular 855 would be–and how well recognized they are by the consumer as a toll free phone call. If the demand keeps up, the 844 area code toll free phone numbers should be released soon.

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